Our competition winning designs have been realized in all areas of the performing arts, corporate events and exhibitions as well as architectural applications. Since then our projects have also won many awards including EVA, EX AWARDS and EIBTM.

Nothing succeeds like success!

At ArtLab Studios we truly develop a project from the inside. All of our designs are based on a creative process centered around a well-developed core concept. Superficial solutions play no part.
Simplicity and clarity do.

Hundreds of successful designs speak for themselves!

Our support for your projects is both multifaceted and completely flexible.

Our design services range from complete creative presentations, including concepts, drawings, 3D animations and full color scale models as well as detailed cost analyses and project preplanning services. In house, we also have the capacity to deliver all of your production needs as well as your overall project management
and execution.

Networking / Synergy
Nearly 30 years of experience in the field, ArtLab Studios has developed close cooperation partnerships with numerous other supply and service companies worldwide. Further synergistic effects have recently been reached with the creation of our subsidiary companies StudioArts Multimedia Productions GmbH and SailArts Design for Leisure GmbH.

No gaps – one partner.

Cost Control
We offer design and presentation solutions for every budget. Transparency at any step of the Project is guaranteed. Direct individual consultation by our team of design and project management experts, in conjunction with our flexible material systems, is guaranteed to offer you cost effective alternatives to all your project needs.

We stay on time and in budget – always!

Contact us for a detailed presentation of our creative solutions and many more reasons to choose ArtLab Studios – Live Marketing.