Volkswagen Programmierwettbewerb codeFEST8


Name of Project: Volkswagen codeFEST8
Company / Division: Volkswagen AG Group IT
Type of Project: 8 Hackathons & Finale at CeBIT 2015
Location / Year: Aachen, Berlin, Braunschweig, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Munich, Vienna, Zurich / Finale at CeBIT Hannover
Areas of Responsibility: Concept & Design
Project Management
Highlights: 1 Weekend, 8 Cities, 500 Coder, 28 Hours, 80 Mentors

Volkswagen Programmierwettbewerb codeFEST8 Foto: Nigel Treblin Foto: Nigel Treblin 150306_vw_codefest_zuerich_325 150306_vw_codefest_braunschweig_056 150306_vw_codefest_muenchen_206