HP Inc.
Customer Welcome Centers Europe

Name of Project: HP Inc. Customer Welcome Centers Europe
Company / Division: HP Inc. – Graphic Solutions Business
Type of Project: Showrooms featuring HP Brand Environments
Location / Year: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Bucharest, London, Madrid, Oslo, Stockholm, Vienna (2016/2017)
Areas of Responsibility: Concept & Design, Project Management & Construction, Installation onsite
Highlights: Custom designed high-end furniture
Unique print application worlds

2527 - HPI CWCs-2016-2017_00 2527 - HPI CWCs-2016-2017_06 2527 - HPI CWCs-2016-2017_07 2527 - HPI CWCs-2016-2017_05a 2527 - HPI CWCs-2016-2017_04a 2527 - HPI CWCs-2016-2017_03 2527 - HPI CWCs-2016-2017_01

International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis

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Name of Project:|isth Congress
Company / Division:|isth – K.I.T. Group
Type of Project:|Shows & Events
Location / Year:|Berlin, Germany 2017
Areas of Responsibility:|Concept & Design~~
Show Concept~~
Project Management~~
Highlights:|Themed Stage & Show Production