HP Inc.
at Interpack 2017

Name of Project: HP Inc. at Interpack 2017
Company / Division: HP Inc. – Graphic Solutions Business
Type of Project: Trade Fair Stand 846 sqm
Location / Year: Messe Dusseldorf, Germany 2017
Areas of Responsibility: Stand Concept & Design
Project Management & Construction
Print Management
Highlights: Big Box of Ideas
Theatre with Live Shows

HP_Interpack_17_00b HP_Interpack_17_00a HP_Interpack_17_01 HP_Interpack_17_02 HP_Interpack_17_03 HP_Interpack_17_04 HP_Interpack_17_05 HP_Interpack_17_07 HP_Interpack_17_08 HP_Interpack_17_09 HP_Interpack_17_15 HP_Interpack_17_16 HP_Interpack_17_10 HP_Interpack_17_11 HP_Interpack_17_17 HP_Interpack_17_18