HP Inc.
at Fespa 2017

Name of Project: HP Inc. at Fespa 2017
Company / Division: HP Inc. GSB Worldwide
Type of Project: Trade Fair Stand 600sqm
Location / Year: Fespa Trade Fair, Hamburg, Germany 2017
Areas of Responsibility: Stand Concept & Design
Print Management
Construction & Management
Highlights: 5m high buildings fully decorated in mall theme
1m raised hospitality area for panoramic view
630sqm printed surface
Logistics management for printing press installations

HP_Fespa_17_02HP_Fespa_17_03 HP_Fespa_17_04 HP_Fespa_17_05 HP_Fespa_17_06 HP_Fespa_17_07 HP_Fespa_17_08 HP_Fespa_17_09 HP_Fespa_17_10 HP_Fespa_17_11 HP_Fespa_17_12 HP_Fespa_17_13 HP_Fespa_17_14 HP_Fespa_17_15