HP Inc.
at Drupa 2016

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Name of Project:|HP Inc. at Drupa 2016
Company / Division:|Hewlett-Packard GSB Worldwide
Type of Project:|Trade Fair Stand 7000sqm
Location / Year:|Drupa Trade Fair, Dusseldorf, Germany 2016
Areas of Responsibility:|Stand Concept & Design~~
Project Management & Construction~~
Graphic Design~~
Print Management Show
Highlights:|7,000sqm including Second Story Construction~~
Over 700 Single Graphics~~
2,200sqm printed surface~~
Logistics Management for Press Installations~~

_HP_Drupa16_HP_Drupa16_00HP_Drupa16_01HP_Drupa16_02   HP_Drupa16_06 HP_Drupa16_05 HP_Drupa16_04  HP_Drupa16_03HP_Drupa16_03a  HP_Drupa16_08 HP_Drupa16_07  HP_Drupa16_09HP_Drupa16_10HP_Drupa16_11